WebGL, Arduino - September 2016

Unison® — Playing song
based on your heartbeat.

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Client: Study Project
Project: Arduino, WebGL Experiment
Year : 2016

Creative Direction
3D Design
User Experience Design
Interface Design

Credits: Fabien Motte, Camille Frairrot, Arnaud Rocca, Hugo Maury

Unison® is an digital & artistic experiment allowing the user to play music based on his own heartbeat, made with Arduino & WebGL.

“In its quintessence, music allows man to“ hear what he cannot yet see ”. This phrase from Elizabeth Sombart perfectly sums up our inspiration and aspiration for this IOT project. Indeed, we wanted to offer a device that explores the body, science, music, and that sublimates them. We wanted to explore this magic of music by listening to the beating of the human heart. Unison aims to arouse the curiosity of the user to feel their body differently through a multi-sensory experience. The device tends to raise awareness of cardiology, music and digital art more broadly.

Unison ultimately allows us to reconsider our body and environment to the user, by offering them new perceptions of them. It is Arduino and WebGL based experiment: music is played through a web interface which visually transcribes the result. After calibrating the device, the first capture of the pulses follows. The screen displays the user's heart rate with the unit: BPM (Beat Per Minute). The music, which is synchronized to the BPM of the heart, is played gradually and every 15/20 seconds, the sensor recalculate the BPM.

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