Mobile App, Chatbot - June 2017

Bernie® App — Designing
a cultural chatbot.

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Client: Study Project
Project: Chatbot, Mobile App
Year : 2016

Creative Direction
User Experience Design
Motion Design
Mobile Design

Credits: Lei Xing, Thomas Boulongne, Camille Frairrot, Hugo Maury

Bernie® is a chatbot that replaces the audio and traditional guides in museum, a totally personalized guided tour by adapting to the user requests. It's a new kind of mediation.

Bernie® is a chatbot designed to replace audio and traditionnal guides in museums. By getting to know the user, he can offer him a totally personalized guided tour according to his expectations, his desires. Bernie® can offer new knowledge perspectives to the user. Bernie® was designed to fit perfectly to any exhibition, he can learn from museum curators, and master any piece of art, any artist biograph, and any interesting knowledge relative to the exhibition. Because sometimes information is missing, Bernie® can be here to help the visitor understand the context of an artwork, and even lead him/her to a another complementary one.

Conversational interfaces can now completely replace traditional interfaces. The user experience is completely intuitive, more human, more lively. "Emotion, Information, Relevance" were the 3 Keywords that drove this project. We wanted Bernie® to adapt himself to the user, emotionally and functionally. So Bernie® can recognize Spoken phrase, like Siri or Alexa, and he can recognize any shot of an artwork the user sent to it during the exhibition. Also, Bernie® was designed to be a non-linear mediation, guiding the visitor according to his/her requests and expectations.

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