Interactive Music Video - August 2018

Mai Lan, Pumper — Directing
an interactive music video.

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Client: Mai Lan
Project: Interactive Music Video
Year : 2018

Creative Direction
User Experience Design
Design Direction
Visual Design

Credits: PANAMÆRA, Nicolas Loureiro, Yann Kubacki, Arnaud Rocca, Hugo Maury

Pumper is Mai Lan’s official interactive music video that we imagined, directed, edited, designed and developed for her song “Pumper” in 2018.

Back in 2018, we imagined, directed, designed and developed an interactive music video called Pumper for the French artist Mai Lan as our graduation project. The purpose of this project was to provide a fun, interactive and yet simple experience to play on any device, mixing music, interactions and video. The idea of Pumper, was to let anybody play with images or simply watch a dynamic music video. Playing with textures, cutting a cactus, all the interactions had to be very simple, in order to be well understood but also to work on mobile and desktop. We shot all the plans we wrote before in collabaration with PANAMÆRA, we designed and animated the visuals compositions and finally, we developed the interactive music video in WebGL environment.

Mai Lan has very surreal universe, so we agreed that the interactive music video would be a trippy adventure enlighted by a colorful and sweet pop art direction. In this experience, interactions had to have a graphic purpose by allowing the user to play with the images. A very important thing for us was to not make this interactions mandatory, if the user do nothing, he's still able to watch, listen and enjoy the whole music video. This project got us a few awards, among them a FWA of The Month, and it gave us the opportunity to become fully independent by creating our own freelance collective, TOOSOON.

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