Branding, Website - July 2020

Zoéc — Transcribing serenity through
new company's branding.

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Client: Zoéc
Project: Print & Digital Branding
Year : 2020

User Experience Design
Web Development
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Motion Design

Credits: Lucile Berthomé (Editorial), Hugo Maury

Branding and official website of Zoéc, a company focused on supporting and consulting businesses on a daily basis, with the main objective of ensuring peace of mind.

Zoéc is a community of experts who support businesses on a daily basis. The community offers a global service that integrates many components and a network of partners in strategic marketing, finance, and specialized lawyers. Beyond skills and tools, Zoéc brings serenity, allowing entrepreneurs to free their mind and to focus on what's important. I designed the visual identity of the brand with this vision in mind. Because the essence of Zoéc is to support designers throughout their journey, with a real work of simplification, the objective was to show the brand as a "breathing bubble" for over-solicited entrepreneurs in a fast and complex world.

Between dynamism and serenity, sobriety and elegance, my work was mainly oriented in an branding with simple but strong visual codes. Also, I opted for a visual identity with both mathematical and refined aesthetics, concentrated in one shape: the Mandala. The Mandala is, in a way, the foundation of Zoéc's identity. It represents the visual compromise between serenity and innovation. The idea was to create a connivance around positive energy, to show that efficiency does not necessarily equate with rigidity. It's about recognizing the complexity of the environment, embracing it and showing that Zoéc understood it through its identity and branding.

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