WebGL Webdocumentary - June 2016

Terraforma — Raising awareness through
a dystopic webdocumentary.

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Client: Study Project
Project: WEBGL Webdocumentary
Year : 2016

Creative Direction
User Experience
Motion Design
VR Design
Interface Design

Credits: Maximilien Jourdain, Lovis Odin, Benjamin Gammaire, Hugo Maury

Terraforma is a VR-ready serious game experiment in WebGL, that tends to make us aware of the danger of the compensations banks.

Terraforma immerse the user in a dystopian world in which everything comes at a price. The few who have stayed on Earth are divided into 2: The rich bankers who take advantage of the scarcity of resources and the poor who have to survive by buying them. In a post-apocalyptic future where access to natural resources is limited, the planet is empty of nature. The user’s mission is to renaturalize the world around him by completing missions that will help him understand the origin of this dystopian world. Each mission will consist of taking information useful for understanding the dystopian world. If the user obtains a certain amount of information, he will be able to earn money in order to buy resources such as water, seeds, and oxygen, useful for his survival and renaturalization.

The experience is the junction between the web documentary and the serious game. The user is offered a new way to access information while immersing him in an atypical universe in which he plays the role of investigator himself. Through several mini educational web experiences, the user embodies a character whose mission is to renaturalize his environment. Art direction tend to play with graphic codes of retro-futurism & science-fiction. The intention was to provide a complex atmosphere: between real and virtual, through a HUD (head-up display) interface.

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