Promotionnal Website - February 2020

Talents by Gobelins — Promoting
a school with a cube.

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Client: Gobelins
Project: Promotional Website
Year : 2020

Creative Direction
User Experience Design
Interface Design
Motion Design

Credits: Yann Kubacki, Nicolas Loureiro, Arnaud Rocca, Hugo Maury

Official website for the new fundraiser of school of Gobelins about apprenticeship tax for companies.

Gobelins approached us to create a promotional website for their new fundraiser. The main purpose of the site was to introduce the various training courses of the school in a very creative, as well as to raise awareness among companies of the importance of paying the 13% of their apprenticeship tax intended to finance schools. The final objective was to make companies understand that their investment is not in vain and that the Gobelins students can be a real added value in their teams.

The website aimed to reach business managers as well as aspiring students to join Gobelins. To do this, Gobelins wanted to use the graphic concept of the Rubik’s Cube. They wanted the user to manipulate an interactive cube, and discover each department of the school, represented by a face on the cube. As on a Rubik’s Cube, these 6 faces were divided into 9 squares which host the different contents relative to the current department : video interviews, podcasts, department informations,etc...

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