WebGL Experiment - November 2016

Nausea — Designing an interactive
interpretation of "La Nausée” by Sartre.

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Client: Nausea
Project: School Project
Year : 2016


Credits: Credits

Nausea is a webGL interactive and contemplative experience inspired by an extract from the novel "La Nausée” by Jean-Paul Sartre.

Nausea is an interpretation of "La Nausée” by Jean-Paul Sartre, through an interactive and contemplative experience. The user becomes the protagonist and acts on his environment as the narration progresses, he sees through the character's eyes, and interacts with the surrounding environment. This experience tends to make us (re)discover Sartre’s text and to give us lines of reflection on the theme of existence linked with a new dimension: digital existence. It resulted in an immersion in a 180° environment, in which the user himself materialize the objects of his environment during the narration.

During the experiment, the user is overwhelmed by his environment, but also by the data he produces. The user evolves in atmosphere devoid of life. Gradually, elements accumulate, up to anxiety, as there is too much existence. Sartre highlights the absurdity of the existence of things. This absurdity makes sense in digital. We tried to design this experience and specifically this environment as an hybrid art direction,shaped by historical and contemporary influences. The cursor acts as a viewfinder. When as it hovers over an interactive area, it animates and loads to indicate to the user to immobilize his position (his gaze) to fix and materialize the object.

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