AR Filters - January 2020

AR Filters — Experimenting with
my own face on Instagram.

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Client: Bigflo & Oli, Personal
Project: AR Filters
Year : 2019-2020

Spark AR
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Filter Design

Credits: Nicolas Loureiro (Bigflo & Oli), Lisabelle Spirovski (Official Artworks), Hugo Maury

Collection of AR Filters I made for professional projects or during my spare time to experiment and virtually experience artworks of artists I admire.

I discovered the magic of Augmented Reality filters in 2019 when Facebook and Instagram democratized it with the software Spark AR Studio. This year, I worked on an Instagram filter for Bigflo & Oli, to promote their single "Sur La Lune". This project gave me the opportunity to discover the technology behind Augmented Reality filters, and to play with it, as a new way to express myself. I started to get to grips with this technology in order to create my own Instagram filters.

Then I thought it was a good way to virtually experience current artworks of artists that I love. This is the case of Loribelle Spirovski's work for example, an artist that I admire. She works on formal portraiture, surrealism, expressionist landscapes and she combine traditional methods with more experimental techniques in a single painting. I thought it could be very nice to give life to her work through Augmented Reality filters.

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