ContextTerraforma is a webgl experience between a webdoc & and serious game :
in a post-apocalyptic future where access to natural resources is limited, the planet is empty of nature. Your mission is to renaturalize its environment by buying essential resources. Made at the school of gobelins — 3 months of work.
DateJUNE 2017
RoleDESIGNERS : Lovis Odin & Hugo Maury
TeamDEVELOPERS : Benjamin Gammaire & Maximilien Jourdain
Terraforma, a webgl experience
Terraforma - VR Ready
Poster of Terraforma
Introduction of Terraforma - Screenshot 01
Introduction of Terraforma - Screenshot 02
Panorama of the City
Complete the form to Plant seed
Interface of the globe interaction
Social Networks
Exit the mission
Congratulations screen
Terraforma Globe
Terraforma - Mobile Experience
Design by Lovis Odin & Hugo Maury
Development by Benjamin Gammaire & Maximilien Jourdain